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Welcome to the virtual training for Survival Skills for Healthy Military Families.

Welcome to the virtual training for Survival Skills for Healthy Military Families. In this training, we will have some live, synchronous interactions together in an online meeting, and some asynchronous assignments you will complete individually by reading the materials and watching videos. Please be prepared to keep your camera on during the synchronous sessions.

military family sitting on a stoop


10am-12pm (2 hours) On Screen

  • Introductions – Conocimiento and FW overview
  • Session 1 – Map for Healthy Families

12pm-12:45pm (45 minutes) Off Screen

Homework: Find a prop from your office or house and prepare a 2-minute object lesson from Session 1 using your prop.

12:45pm–2pm (1.25 hour ) On Screen

  • Demonstration of props
    Session 2 and 3 – Parents as Leaders and Models

2pm – 3pm (LUNCH BREAK)

3pm – 4pm (1 hour) On Screen

  • Finish Session 3
  • You will be divided into groups of 2 or 3 to create a 6 Minute Presentation. To do this, you will:

Additional References for Presentation:

  • Role plays: Instructor Resources, pp. 61-63.
  • Personal Anecdotes & Sculpting: Instructor Resources on pp. 54-55, 60-61.
  • General Presenting Skills: Instructor Resources on pp.31-45.

4pm-5pm (1 hour) Practice in Groups/Break Out Rooms


10am-11:30am (1.5 hour) On Screen

  • Check In
  • Participant Presentations & Feedback

11:30am-11:45am – 15-minute BREAK

11:45am-1pm (1.25 hour) On Screen

  • Coaching: Instructor Resources pp. 63-79.


2pm-3:30pm (1.5 hour) On Screen

  • Session 4 – Children in Healthy Families

3:30pm-3:45pm -15-minute break

3:45pm-5pm (1.25 hour) On Screen

  • Coaching Practice & Presentation Preparation – In groups of 3, you will create a scenario in which you coach a parent to stay in charge.
    • Your fishing or call out question is “What is one rule your kids are resisting?
    • Use invitation line: “Come on up and let’s practice staying in charge.”
    • Coach on one or two points out of Make Rules or Stay in Charge.
    • Identify success, keep audience engaged by generalizing and reviewing skills.
    • Summarize: “When you _______we predict you will have the best chance at staying in charge. Thank you for participating and helping us all learn the best way to make rules and stay in charge.”

1 – Coach
2 – Parent
3 – Coinstructor


10am–11am (1 hour) On Screen

  • Coaching presentations and practice

11am-11:15am – 15-minute BREAK

11:15am–1pm (1.25 hour) On Screen

  • Session 5 – Healthy Adult Relationships

1pm-2pm (1 hour) LUNCH BREAK

2pm-3:30pm (1.5 hours) Off Screen

3:30pm-4:30pm (1 hour) On Screen

  • Discuss sessions 6, 7, and difficult audience situations. (25 minutes)
  • Prepare for Session 8 in Break Out Rooms (35 minutes)

4:30pm-5pm (30 minutes) On Screen

  • Presentations
  • Final Questions
  • Wrap Up
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