Donor Spotlight – Jackie Olsgard, C3 Real Estate Solutions

Finally Home wouldn’t be celebrating 15 years of serving families without our amazing donors and sponsors. We sat down with Jackie Olsgard from C3 Real Estate Solutions to talk about the involvement of her family and her business with Finally Home and why they continue to support us.

How long have you been giving or involved with Finally Home?

Our involvement started about 4-5 years ago when I was on staff at Timberline Church in Fort Collins. I was involved in mission trips there and that’s when I met Mark and Kristin Orphan. We have played in Finally Home’s annual golf tournament a number of times and recently attended the spring fundraiser.

What originally drew you to Finally Home?

We have always admired the impact Finally Home has had on so many families in our community. Finally Home is so intentional and committed to excellence in the work they do, and we love that! We have heard first hand how helpful this ministry has been to some of our good friends, and it’s incredible that our community has a resource like Finally Home.

What is your favorite part about Finally Home’s mission? 

The dedication to serving families and equipping them with the tools and resources that will have a lasting impact.  

What should people know about Finally Home that they might know? 

This is an incredible organization worth getting to know and supporting! I knew immediately that Finally Home was a trustworthy organization that was filling a space that was so needed. One conversation with a Finally Home team member, and you’ll feel the same way.

So, how you can get involved with Finally Home?

Finally Home has several opportunities for you to get engaged and learn more about our impact.
  1. Join our email list! We send out emails two times each month that share what we’re up to and our upcoming programs and live virtual events.
  2. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities. We have three in-person events each year in Northern Colorado and also offer  online programs.
  4. Share our offerings with caregivers you know could use the support! It takes a village, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.
  5. Read our blog. We share resources and tips for caregivers as well as community members.
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