CAFO Summit

Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit


The fruit of our labor often feels so small and incomplete, even as fresh needs rise before us every day. A deep sense of urgency can dominate us daily. Jesus faced all that we face and more, yet he never ever seemed hurried. He lived always with the long view – a horizon not of days or even years, but decades…and, ultimately, eternity. He was less concerned about immediate results than the slow growth of God’s kingdom … less focused on sweeping change than the transformation of a single heart … less interested in what people accomplished than what they were becoming. Join us as we learn together – amidst a world of urgent needs and instant results – how to live, love, and serve with eyes that keep the long view always before us.

Finally Home is excited to be back again for CAFO 2023 in Oklahoma City, OK. Our very own Mark and Kristin Orphan will be part of the The Christian Home: An Essential Place for Healing, Health and Discipleship Intensive. Kristin Orphan will also be teaching the breakout session: Parents as Leaders in Healthy Christian Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families.


Sep 20 - 22 2023


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Crossing Community Church
14600 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK
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