Finally Home provides support for the whole family. We believe that when caregivers are given the right tools and resources then children are able to heal and thrive. Our research-based programming meets families, caregivers, children, and youth wherever they are in their healing journey.

How We Support Families

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Through our in person Family Strengthening Conferences and online offerings, we give caregivers the tools and resources they need to support the children in their care as well as themselves. Our research-based curriculum build a healthy home with children can heal and thrive.

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Solid Rock Students gives teens aged 13-17 tools to start the healing process from the trauma they have experienced. They also build community with other youth going through similar things. This happens through group outings and service projects.

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SuperHero Academy gives youth 12 and under a way to understand what they’re feeling and how to communicate it. Through our eight super heroes, they learn strategies for how to process their emotions and step into dreaming big and truly being kids again.

Family Strengthening Curriculum


Family Strengthening Conferences

At our Family Strengthening Conferences, trained instructors present a research-based curriculum to the parents that qualifies for parent continuing education units (CEU’s).

While adults receive their training, children and youth attend SuperHero Academy and Finally Home Solid Rock Students Programs. Due to the diversity of programs, participants can attend as a whole family, removing the need to find specialized childcare.

2024 Annual Conference:
October 26, Fort Collins, CO


Survival Skills for Healthy Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families

To support families and caregivers whenever they need it and regardless of location, Finally Home has virtual versions of our signature program, Survival Skills for Healthy Families. The program is offered in two ways. Option one is a 4-week virtual option, with four weeks of guided virtual sessions. Coming in 2024 will be on-demand, self-guided versions of our program to watch as needed.

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Learn more about all the programs we offer

Our programs are available in-person and online. To learn more about our signature, research-based program, Survival Skills for Healthy Families, and how it can help you build a healthy, happy home, check out our program guide.


Additional Resources

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Toolkits for BIG Emotions

Children who have experienced trauma often feel big emotions. The first step in learning how to safely work through overwhelming emotions is to name them.

We created the Finally Home Emotions Toolkit for parents to help their children correctly identify their emotions and establish calming strategies. Our kit contains eight different concrete items that assist children in emotional regulation. The children’s kit is for ages 4 to 12. The youth kit is for ages 13 an older. (English and Spanish)

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Map for Healthy Families: Virtual 4 Week Small Group Series

Join a certified Finally Home facilitator for 4-weeks as we work through Map for Healthy Families.

This foundational course sets the path to create a healthy home. The map will help you put in motion actions that will support you as the caregiver(s) and the children in your home. Lessons includes:

  • The Two Jobs of Every Person
  • Three Patterns
  • Three Skills
  • Relationship Styles
  • BONUS: Taking Care of Yourself

Our next session starts on September 28, 2023.

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