Family Strengthening Curriculum


Family Strengthening Conferences

At our Family Strengthening Conferences, trained instructors present a research-based curriculum to the parents that qualifies for parent continuing education units (CEU’s).

While adults receive their training, children and youth attend SuperHero Academy and Finally Home Solid Rock Students Programs. Due to the diversity of programs, participants can attend as a whole family, removing the need to find specialized childcare.

2023 Annual Conference:
October 21, Fort Collins, CO
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Additional Resources

kid emotions toolkit

Emotions Toolkits

Children who have experienced trauma often feel big emotions. The first step in learning how to safely work through overwhelming emotions is to name them.

We created the Finally Home Emotions Toolkit for parents to help their children correctly identify their emotions and establish calming strategies. Our kit contains eight different concrete items that assist children in emotional regulation. The children’s kit is for ages 4 to 12. The youth kit is for ages 13 an older. (English and Spanish)

Map for Healthy Families

Map for Healthy Families, (5-Week Small Group Series)

In this 5-week small group series, families will learn about the building blocks of a “healthy house,” which are made up of the patterns and skills that show up in healthy families. Through short animations, worksheets, video teaching, and interactive conversations, families learn what it takes to grow in each of these areas. Use it in your support group, neighborhood, or church. (English and Spanish)