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How Does Your Donation Help?


Provide one-hour of family strengthening training for a family virtually, in-person, or as a small group.


Provide a Map for Healthy Families: 5 Week Small Group Series to a family, equipping them with building blocks of a healthy house.


Provide an Emotions Toolkit to a family struggling to teach their children about managing strong emotions.

Join the Home Team today and help us build a legacy of healthy homes for foster and adopted children and youth!

Finally Home, a national non-profit 501(c)3, has been training and encouraging foster, kinship and adoptive families since 2008. Finally Home was created to equip and encourage families as they provide a safe and loving home where wounded children can heal.

The leadership team of FH believes that genuine faith in Jesus Christ is to care for those without families (James 1:27). Many families have stepped up to this calling, and they need support and encouragement. Even with the best of intentions, families can experience severe discouragement in the face of children’s behaviors that go far beyond their expertise or expectations. A family in crisis will often feel isolated in the midst of their suffering. It is our vision to equip communities to serve these families with research-based psycho-education, authentic friendship and practical help.

“It is our privilege to provide practical support, training and encouragement for these special families so they can finish the great work they’ve started in welcoming a hurting child home,” – Kristin Orphan, Founder/Executive Director

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