How Finally Home Supports Grandparents in Kinship or Foster Families

Setting up foster children for success starts with caregivers that are supported and have the tools and resources to create healthy families. While many people choose fostering, there are also several families that are created because family members need emergent support.

When caregivers get support they aren’t just getting help for themselves. It is giving tools to the children in their household that can be felt for generations. The children are learning what it means to be a helpful and supportive member of a family. It is modeling what it looks to be in a household that is safe and allows them to thrive.

Finally Home is blessed to be abe to provide this critical support to caregivers, regardless of how they found themselves to have children in their care.

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I believe that grandparents play a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren, whether or not they are serving as a kinship or a foster family. We had had our grand son staying with us, we were his primary care providers. And at that point, we were desperate for resources for tools for relationship. And it was a pretty lonely time. And finding finally home from and knowing what they were doing. For families that had been in our position was just amazing. Such an encouragement, it starts with the family and with the family dynamics. And if we can give one parent a tool that will change the dynamics in their family, and that child grows up in a healthier environment and in a place that they understand more about family wellness, they’re going to take that into their family, as well. So it basically is changing the community, one person, one family at a time by giving them tools to be successful in family relationships, the tools that finally home provides, they have done such a great job of putting the resources together. For us. We don’t have to do the research. We don’t have to do the pulling together of everything. They’ve got it. It’s like a huge resource in a box that we can just pull out and work through and provide this incredible service to families without having to do all of that research and compilation on the front end. Everybody has a talent. Everybody has a skill. There is a place for you to serve here. No matter what it is. I can guarantee there is something really valuable that somebody needs from you.

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