Meet Finally Home’s SuperHeroes

When it comes to dealing with BIG emotions, it can be hard to communicate what you’re going through. At Finally Home we created eight SuperHeroes, each with their own unique superpower, to help children understand what they’re feeling and how to manage it.

These SuperHereos were inspired by our very first Finally Home Family Strengthening Conference, back in 2008. As we prayed, planned, and dreamed how we could effectively support foster, adoptive, and kinship parents, we knew there was ONE thing we had to do well: Care for their children! That was the beginning of Finally Home’s SuperHero Academy. While parents and caregivers received much needed encouragement, training, and respite at the conference, the kids learned that they have really important super powers.


Now it’s time to meet the SuperHeroes!


Sam: Kindness

Sam practices kindness by making new kids in his neighborhood and at school feel welcome. He pays attention when he sees anyone sitting or playing alone. Then, he introduces himself and asks if they would like to join him and his friends.


Paul: Self-Control

Paul shows self-control when he chooses to have a healthy breakfast with protein and fruit instead of a donut. Having a donut is a nice treat, but Paul knows it’s important to first give his body and mind healthy fuel that will last before he has dessert.


Maria: Friendship

Maria knows how to be a good friend by helping others. Whether someone needs help finding a lost toy or getting up after they’ve fallen, Maria is always willing to lend a hand. Maria has discovered that when she’s a good friend to others, they are often good friends to her, too.


Addi: Communication

Addi is learning to communicate by using words to explain what she wants and needs. She also knows it’s very important to be quiet while others are talking so that she can hear what they have to say. Addi and her friends get along better when they take turns talking and listening.


Sylvia: Confidence

Sylvia is growing everyday in confidence because she’s decided that it’s okay to mess up. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re willing to try new things. Sylvia’s teacher is helping her discover all the things that make Sylvia special, and that makes Sylvia feel good about herself.


Joe: BIG Emotions, Plans, and Dreams

Joe feels like he’s soaring when he makes a plan for something he wants to do. Sometimes he plans to save money for a new game and other times he plans to learn a new sport or instrument. Joe knows that he’s more likely to accomplish his goals if he takes one step at a time. Sometimes Joe gets help making plans from adults he trusts.


Nickolas: Managing Strong Feelings

Nickolas manages strong emotions by doing the things his teachers and parents have taught him to do when his feelings get very big. Some days he does jumping jacks, and other days he finds it helpful to draw pictures while listening to quiet music. Nickolas has a list of things he’s willing to try when his emotions start to overwhelm him.


Brian: Problem Solving

Brian is a problem solver. When faced with a challenging situation, Brian takes a deep breath and allows his mind to think of some ideas for how he could solve the problem. Brian is always willing to ask for help and advice from adults he trusts when he can’t solve a problem on his own.

All of our superpowers are things that kids and adults can work on and grow. They help us “bounce back” from hard times and face future adversity. 

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