Meet SuperHero Addi

Finally Home’s SuperHero Addi is learning to communicate by using words to explain what she wants and needs. She also knows it’s very important to be quiet while others are talking so that she can hear what they’re saying. Addi and her friends get along better when they take turns talking and listening.

In our SuperHero Activity book we say, “Communication is often connecting the dots between our thoughts and feelings and then talking about them.” Sometimes this is easier said that done, but it’s very important and worth the work!

Why is communication one of our eight superpowers? Because research has proven that talking about our emotions can actually reduce their negative power over us. Dr. Daniel Siegal, Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, has done groundbreaking brain research that revealed labeling what we are feeling reduces the intensity of the emotion, and we feel less overwhelmed.  He calls it, “Name It to Tame It.”

Communication is also a key ingredient in good relationships. And good relationships help us feel connected, rather than isolated. When we feel connected with others who are safe and trustworthy, we’re more likely to enjoy life and have a positive outlook.

Here are some of Finally Home’s Tips for Good Communication*.

Speak Up:
  • Start with the word “I”: “I feel, I want, I think”
  • Say what you want, rather than what you don’t want.
  • Stick to one subject at a time.
  • Start with the word “You.”
  • Reflect back the words and feelings you notice.

For more tips on good communication skills, contact us.

Meet the other SuperHeroes and how they can supoprt your children in understanding their BIG emotions.

*Finally Home’s Survival Skills for Healthy Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (copyright Family Wellness Associates, LLC)

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