Meet SuperHero Nickolas

We’re excited to introduce you to SuperHero Nickolas! Nickolas is learning how to manage BIG emotions. The reason he’s one of Finally Home’s SuperHeroes is that, like Nickolas, many of our children feel overwhelmed, confused, and even afraid when they are flooded by BIG feelings. When emotions get really big, children can feel like the emotions are drowning out or taking over their ability to think and make safe and healthy choices about what they say or do. These actions and words can cause harm to themselves and others and often result in TROUBLE!

Here’s a story we share with children in our SuperHero Academy, which helps them learn how to respect, name, and manage their emotions.

Sometimes Nickolas’ parents tell him “No,” and that makes him really upset! He used to blow up and say hurtful things, cry, yell, and even throw things. Then he would feel really bad, like REALLY bad. Then bad would turn into sad and embarrassed. Nickolas didn’t understand why he acted that way, because when he was calm all those big feelings seemed so far away. And when things are far away, they get smaller and smaller. Nickolas talked to Ms. Sherry, an adult who helps him with his emotions. She said that everyone has emotions that grow and shrink like a balloon. And if the emotions keep growing and growing with nowhere to go, they can cause a blowup, UNLESS…..and Nickolas wanted to know what she was going to say next!

Well, Ms. Sherry said that Nickolas was letting his emotions be his boss, when HE could become the boss of his emotions. That sounded really good to Nickolas, because he LIKED being a boss. Ms. Sherry said, “If you want to be the boss of your emotions, you have to learn the names of your emotions and start to figure out what situations make your emotions grow. Then, it’s important to make a plan for what you could DO to feel in charge of your emotions. Everyone is different, so it’s important to decide what works for you.”

Nickolas decided that he loves to listen to quiet music when he needs to calm his angry feelings down. He likes to jump on the trampoline when he gets overly excited. There are other times when he feels frustrated or confused that drawing a picture or doing art is really helpful.

Ms. Sherry told Nickolas that those were great ideas! Now Nickolas has a plan, and, on most days, he’s happy to report that he’s in charge of his emotions, like a boss! Nickolas believes you can be an emotions boss, too! So today, we’re going to have some fun practicing and learning about becoming an emotions boss!

Sharing this story with your child can help them see their own big emotions and have a better understanding of the feelings they’re having.

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