Meet SuperHero Sam

Finally Home’s SuperHero Academy teaches kids character traits that have been shown to increase their capacity to bounce back from hard times and face future adversity. That is why we call our curriculum, “SuperHeroes Bounce Back!

Bouncing back is our kid friendly way of talking about resilience. We introduce resiliency traits, or as we call them, “super powers,” through our SuperHeroes, like Sam. Many of our kids who have been through hard things have a very negative feeling about themselves and the world. We hope to empower and encourage kids towards positive things. In our program, children meet our eight fun characters and hear how these SuperHeroes are using their “super powers” in everyday, kid-friendly settings, like school, home, and the neighborhood.

SuperHero Sam is learning to be kind.

Kindness is one of Finally Home’s “super powers” because research shows that when kids learn to be kind to others, they feel better about themselves and their future. Because performing acts of kindness improves self esteem and overall feelings of optimism (American Psychological Association), it’s important to regularly give kids opportunities to practice kindness in their words and actions.

SuperHero Sam practices kindness by making new kids in his neighborhood and school feel welcome. He pays attention when he sees anyone sitting or playing alone. Then, he introduces himself and asks if they would like to join him and his friends.

One of SuperHero Sam’s activities is called, “A Helping Hand.” We invite kids to make “Helping Hand” coupons for home, school, or community. They list ways they are willing to help and then give the coupons out to whoever they want. Another twist on this craft is to make “Kindness Cards.” These are cards with encouraging notes on them to leave for friends and family. Both of these exercises allow children to focus on positive things, which is very helpful for their sense of well being.

One more idea for family time:

Read, or watch, Kindness is my SuperPower by Alicia Ortego while allowing your kids to decorate a cape with stickers and pens.
Supplies needed – capes, masks, stickers. Capes can be made from plastic table cloths, sheets, homemade or ordered online.

Parents and caregivers, you are the leaders and models in your home. Teaching our kids how to be kind starts by modeling kindness in YOUR words and actions and then leading the whole family in practicing kindness to others. Need more ideas? Ask your kids. They are sure to come up with some good ones.

Learn more about all our SuperHeroes.

SuperHeroes Bounce Back coloring book

Have some SuperHero fun with your children by downloading our coloring book and activity guide.

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