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Building a healthy home is easier said than done. Especially when children in the household have experienced trauma.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a parenting manual that walked you through it step-by-step? Or direct support that you could tap into as you needed it?

Introducing Resilient Roots : A Finally Home Membership Program

Created specifically for the unique challenges that foster, kinship, and adoptive families face, Resilient Roots provides a combination of on-demand and live virtual sessions to help parents and caregivers when they need it most.

Does this sound like you?

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You were called to foster. However, the reality is different than you expected, and you’re looking for tools to provide the best support for your children’s needs.

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Fostering has created a new strain on your relationship with your partner. You know there has to be a better way to communicate.

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Finding people that understand what you’re going through is tough. It feels like you’re living on an island.

Resilient Roots is here to support you and help you build community!

Throughout the year you’ll have


On-demand access to Map for Healthy Families, which is the first part of our research-based program, Survival Skills for Healthy Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Families. ($30 value)


7 virtual live Q&As with Kristin Orphan, co-founder of Finally Home, to answer questions and provide direct support. ($525 value)


10 virtual live Q&As with Linda Motter, Director of Family Support, to answer questions around mental health for you and your household. ($750 value)


3 deep dives into our programs, in the form of 4-week guided courses led by Finally Home co-founder Kristin Orphan. You’ll review the materials together and benefit from group training on ways to utilize the strategies. Think of these 4-week deep dives as mini Family Strengthening Conferences. ($90 value)


50% off our resources in the Finally Home store.

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Coming soon!

Supporting your children isn’t just about learning the skills for yourself. Throughout 2024 we’ll be launching resources that you can share with your children and youth.

  • The first resource will be Kalia’s Korner. A monthly pre-recorded video geared toward your youth. These videos will cover topics like ADHD, mental health concerns, and more.
  • Throughout the year we’ll be launching on-demand access to the entire Survival Skills for Healthy Families curriculum.

Check out the full events calendar!

Dates are subject to change

April 2024



Finally Home provides wonderful, knowledgeable resources, and makes the entire family feel valued.

- Wendy B.

We have been so incredibly blessed with every Finally Home event we’ve been able to attend! We always come away so blessed and encouraged, and reminded that we’re not alone.

- Grace S.

Finally Home has consistently given me tools and support to lead my family through difficult times and has given me hope to keep moving forward.

- Rhonda S.

This membership is perfect for you if

  • You are raising children and don’t have resources to best support your household emotionally.

  • Mental health is a concern for you, and/or for those in your household, and you don’t know where to go for guidance.

  • You’ve been looking for resources to support your family but haven’t found them yet.

  • It’s been hard to find a program that will help you with your CEUs AND provide truly helpful information you can actually use.

We have your back! Our research-based curriculum has helped more than 1,000 families, and counting.

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2024 Resilient Roots Elements

Survival Skills for Healthy Families

Survival Skills for Healthy Families our signature course. Three times this year you will have access to a virtual live 4-week workshop, led by Kristin Orphan, co-founder of Finally Home.

Parents as Leaders, January 18 – February 9, 2023

All families have their own ways of doing things, or “rules,” that define how family members work together. These informal rules explain how people talk to each other, how they get along, and who does what in a family. The rules are often passed down from one generation to another. Sometimes family members say these rules to each other, and sometimes they do not. But who defines the rules of how the family will live together? Research shows that in a healthy family, the adults are in charge. The first job of parents is how to be a healthy leader. Lessons include:

  • Making Rules Part 1
  • Making Rules Part 2
  • Stick Together
  • Stay in Charge & Closing

Parents as Models, April 11 – May 2, 2023

This course focuses on some of the fun parts of parenting: Spending time with our kids, playing, encouraging, and talking together. Parents, like it or not, you are a role model for your children. Children learn by copying what they see other people do. Children are most influenced by the people who spend the most time with them. They learn about themselves through the way they are treated by the adults who raise them, and they learn how to treat others. Lessons include:

  • Plan Time With Your Children
  • Encourage Your Child
  • Listen to Your Child
  • Talk Together With Your Child & Closing

Adult Relationships in Healthy Families, August 15 – September 5, 2023

Here we look at two jobs that help to strengthen marriage relationships: To “Be a Team” and “Build Your Team.” You are a team when you commit to each other and to your relationship and when you find ways to deepen intimacy and stay connected. You build your team when you know what you want and say what you want to give yourselves the best chance of getting what you (both) want. Lessons include:

  • Be a Team: Commit
  • Be a Team: Connect
  • Build Your Team: Know What You Want & Say What You Want
  • Build Your Team: Get What You Want & Closing

Each virtual workshop walks you through one module of our four-part course. You’ll watch a short video and through group coaching, learn how you can implement the  tools and strategies in your unique family.

Live Q&As

Join us for our live Q&A sessions with Finally Home team members. These sessions will alternate between mental health conversations and answering questions you have about the strategies explained in our videos.

Come with questions you need support with. If you don’t have any questions, join us and learn from the questions of other attendees.


Are the live sessions recorded?

Our goal is to create a safe space for people to share and get the most out of our time together. Due to the sensitive nature and personal needs of our attendees, we do not record the sessions.

Can I share my membership with my partner?

Absolutely! Memberships are for the whole family so please feel free to both attend the events as a couple or individually.

What is the difference between the four-week sessions and the on-demand videos?

Videos are available for you to watch at any time as you need them. Each video includes resources to help you utilize the strategies you’ll learn. The four-week sessions are a deeper dive into the curriculum and an opportunity to get direct guidance and support from Finally Home team members.

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