Revive and Thrive
Family Support Initiative

Providing Caregivers and Kids Scholarships For Therapeutic Support

Over the years, Finally Home has provided funding for therapy, specialized camps, and mental health services for parents and kids. As therapy costs have continued to increase along with need for therapeutic intervention, we are excited to launch a more robust framework to impact more families.

Funds are dispersed based on the availability of funds from our generous donors and funders.

These are some of the struggles foster, adoptive, and kinship families experience:


    Someone in the home needs support, but therapy costs are high.


    Therapy isn’t a luxury…it’s a need!


    Finding the right therapist is tricky and often the best fit isn’t in their health insurance network.

    Finally Home’s Revive and Thrive Family Support Initiative exists to support any and all members of foster, adoptive, and kinship households that need resources…including the Caregiver.

    There are three ways we support families.

    icon of hand offering money

    Provide financial resources for family members that need mental health support.

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    Help families create an online fundraising page to raise additional tax deductible donations through their church, community, family and friends.

    icon of a family standing behind a heart

    Offer wraparound family support including access to one-on-one support from our team and access to our research-based programs, tools, and resources.

    Families seeking financial support must be referred to the Revive and Thrive Family Support Initiative through Finally Home’s network of church and agency partners. Applications outside of this network are not currently being accepted. Funds may be restricted to families within a certain geographical region as designated by the funding organization. Applications for financial support are reviewed by a committee. 

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