Understanding Gen Z Slang from our Solid Rock Teen Students

Parents have two jobs: Be a leader and be a model. As a leader, we make rules, stick together, and stay in charge. As a model, we lead by example, listen well, encourage, and talk openly. Being a model is all about connection, and one of the ways we connect with our kids is through conversations that allow us to hear what’s going on in their lives and to share what’s going on in ours.

There is no doubt that Gen Z (born 1997 – 2012) has a unique language all their own. As a generation that has been raised with technology, they’ve developed their own version of shorthand language and slang terms that might have you feeling lost.

To help you understand your Gen Z kids, we polled some of our Solid Rock Students and collected a few of their favorite terms and definitions. Big thank you to Nickolas, Harper, MJ, Reese, and Bekka for sharing!

Slang to Learn

Brah or Broh
  • Mom, dad, friend, or someone you care about.
  • “Brah, will you take me to the store?”
  • Something you’ve done well.
  • “Yesss, you slayed that exam!”
  • Ok, yes, or let’s do it.
  • Bet on its own is a complete sentence.
  • Term for a cool style or when someone has swag.
  • “That outfit is dripping.”
  • Short for charisma and has to do with flirting. Specifically something your friend might say to you when they see your flirting with some.
  • “Look at you with that rizz.”
Cap or No Cap
  • “Cap” means to lie, “no cap” means to tell the truth
  • “That game was cap”. Can also be used as a complete sentence.
Yes Queen
  • Way to give someone a positive compliment. Similar to “you go girl”
  • This would be a sentence all on its own.
Low Key
  • Surprisingly or unexpectedly.
  • “He’s low key funny.”
Outta pocket
  • When someone says something out of nowhere or is out of line – but not serious.
  • “Broh, that’s outta pocket.”
  • Something nice or that looks good
  • “His new Mercedes is clean,”
  • Similar to clean but more intense.
  • “You look tough in that jersey.”
This is just the tip of the iceberg!

How to turn this into a fun conversation

These new slang terms can provide a fun way to connect with your teen. Consider sharing some of the slang terms from your teen years as well over a coffee or milkshake. I’m sure it will be good for a few laughs! Fun conversations can lead to open hearts and a willingness to share some of the deeper struggles, concerns, hopes, and dreams your kids have. When kids feel heard, they are more willing to share and nothing replaces dedicated time together!
Are you hearing more Gen Z slang terms we should add to the list? Send us an email with new terms you’re learning from your Gen Zers.
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