What is the Resilient Roots Membership

Have you heard of the Resilient Roots Membership? This is a unique community supporting foster, adoptive, and kinship caregivers to build healthy, strong homes where kids can thrive. Learn more about what the experience is like inside Resilient Roots. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, we hope you’ll join us! If you know of a family that’s struggling and could use this kind of ongoing support, please share this post with them.

A Community of Growth

At its core, our Resilient Roots Membership is all about building a supportive community. Members come from all walks of life, but they share a common goal: To provide the best care for the children in their home and move past some of the feelings of failure that can come with the challenging calling of fostering, adoption, and kinship care.

Learning Together

One of the best parts of the Resilient Roots Membership is the learning aspect. With a combination of on-demand and live sessions, you can get access to the tools and strategies that are most relevant to you in the way you prefer.

Looking to connect with other caregivers going through what you’re going through? There are a variety of live sessions that happen each month, ranging from guided training to open Q&A style conversations. This is an opportunity for you to show up and be in community, or come with a particular question or struggle you could use support with.

On-Demand Learning

Finally Home utilizes a research-based curriculum that includes short videos and workbooks. This allows you to access the training you need when you need it. Or, go through them all in order to build strategies you can use in any situation that may arise.

New courses are being added throughout 2024 and are all made available to our Resilient Roots members first.

The videos aren’t just for the caregivers. We also have videos coming soon that can be shared with the youth in your household. Led in a more conversational style that youth will relate to, these videos cover topics that your youth may be struggling with (like mental health) even though they might not be quite ready to discuss with you yet. Shared from a young adopted adult who’s been through it, Kalia will be sharing strategies in line with our curriculum but in a way that youth can absorb. New “Kalia’s Korner” videos will be added regularly and can be shared with your children when they need some support.

Exclusive Content

Members of Resilient Roots have access to exclusive content that’s not available to the public. Our general programming is available in a variety of options (4-week live virtual sessions, Family Strengthening Conferences, etc). However, the live Q&As, “Kalia’s Korner,” and more are only provided through Resilient Roots.

A Safe Space

Finding a community of caregivers that understand what you’re going through is tough. Resilient Roots allows you to connect with other families from all over the country who uniquely understand what you’re experiencing. Because of the sensitive nature of our conversations, we do not record any of our live sessions. We want you to feel comfortable showing up, in whatever way you need, and know that you can share confidentially.

If there are bigger concerns or topics that aren’t best for the group, our team will connect you to other members of our crew that can help you walk through it. Our goal is to get to know you and your family and ensure that you get the best wraparound support for your situation. This isn’t a membership that you jump into and need to navigate on your own. We’re here for you as your family and relationships evolve.

We Are Open to Everyone

Resilient Roots is available to all families, regardless of their ability to pay. Simply reach out if you need financial assistance, and we’ll get back to you right away. While we focus on the unique challenges that foster, adoptive, and kinship families face, the materials lend themselves to any family, especially those with children that have experienced trauma and/or mental and behavioral challenges.

The generous support of our donors is what allows us to provide these resources to families who need them. If you’d like to help provide access, please consider joining the Home Team, our monthly giving partners.

We Are Open to Everyone

Joining Resilient Roots is easy. You can choose to pay $6.50/month or $75/annually. Once you join, you’ll get immediate access to your course dashboard, which has all of the on-demand courses so you can dive right in. You’ll also see all of the upcoming events that you can add to your calendar, as well as the zoom links to access them.

The Resilient Roots Membership is more than just a group or a program. It’s a journey towards a stronger, healthier, and more connected life. If you’re looking to build resilience, find balance, and embrace community, this might be the perfect fit for you. Why not take the first step and see where it leads?

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