What is Wraparound Support and What Does it Look Like at Finally Home?

For more than 15 years, Finally Home has been supporting foster, adoptive, and kinship families. While it hasn’t always looked exactly the same, we’ve always taken the approach that individual families have individual needs. This means that we customize our research-based programming and experience to best support each family. We call this wraparound support.

When families come to us, we evaluate their individual needs and then provide access to the best combination of our direct support, online courses, and events. With the generous support of donors, we’re able to ensure that no families are turned away regardless of their ability to pay.

This support covers things like:
  • Whole family strengthening events
  • Individualized coaching and mentoring
  • On-demand videos and access to training
  • Live virtual events

Here’s how it works.

As we get to know families, our trained team builds out a plan for support. We prioritize the quick wins with long-term guidance and ensure they’re working with the right people on our team.

For example, families sharing a mental health concern or crisis may receive our Toolkit for BIG Emotions immediately while our Director of Family Support works with the family on specific services needed and serves as a liaison between the family and mental health providers. Once the resources are in place and the family has moved out of crisis mode, the caregivers may be added to our Resilient Roots membership or attend an in-person event. These programs allow the caregivers to continue to grow in their relationship with themselves, their partners, and the children in their home.

The children in the household may also join our SuperHero Academy or Solid Rock Student events for specific age-appropriate experiences that also help them understand their emotions.

Finally Home’s wraparound support means we can care for families in a safe space and provide the tools and strategies at the right time for that family. It means that they aren’t just given all our tools all at once, which can be overwhelming. They’re given what they need, when they need it. This allows the caregivers to get what they need in the moment and truly take in strategies that will help them in the long run.

If your family could use support, please check out our program guide or visit our events page.

If you’re interested in helping sponsor one of these programs so no family is turned away, please reach out or join the Home Team monthly giving community.

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